Shefford Tai Chi

Shefford Tai Chi

The benefits of Tai Chi are well known—they include improved posture, mobility, relaxation, breathing and circulation. At Shefford we practice primarily Chen Style and some Yang Style. The focus is mainly on health, relaxation and personal development, while understanding the martial roots of each style. Classes are held in Shefford, Hitchin, Haynes and Letchworth and are suitable for people of all ages and abilities.



Revitalise - Tai Chi and Meditation Retreats

Tai Chi and Meditation Retreats

Ian has recently got together with friends Andy and Denise Spragg to co-operate in running retreat programs for their Re-Vitalise organisation. Re-Vitalise have been running retreats now for 6 years. They have taken over 700 people through their retreats and many come back time and again. They find venues that have built-in calm and tranquility and aim to convey the fundamentals of the arts they teach in a way that is relaxed, informal and fun.

Practicing Tai Chi at Braziers Park in OxfordshireBraziers Park in OxfordshireRe-Vitalise offer a gradual progression through the arts without a formal grading system. You won’t find tests, certificate or exams on Re-Vitalise retreats. That isn’t their purpose

The goal of the organisation is to convey these fascinating arts to people in ways that are relaxed, entertaining and fun with the hope that their customers will continue to practise and begin to experience some of the benefits of these fascinating arts.

If you need to find time and space in your busy life, to learn to unwind and concentrate on what matters, then a Re-Vitalise Tai Chi and Meditation Retreat will be just for you. During the retreat you will be taken through the foundations of these amazing mental and physical disciplines.

Suitable for all, young and old, male and female, total beginner and experienced practitioners.


Moving Mindfully - Alexander Technique



“Moving Mindfully is an unJudy Hammond - Moving Mindfullyusually eclectic, enjoyable approach to movement and alignment, including key elements of Pilates, Yoga and Chi Qong, and always incorporating the AlexanderTechnique principles of safe conscious use of the spine and joints.”

Ian co-hosts joint seminars with Judy Hammond (B.Ed, ANATD, MSTAT) “who has been teaching Alexander technique for 30 years and studying for even longer a broad range of dance and movement techniques, particularly Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Qong. She holds teaching qualifications in Alexander Technique, classical ballet and Egyptian dance and for years studied contemporary dance with eminent teachers, including a post graduate term at the Laban Centre. For years she has been Alexander tutor on the annual teacher training courses led by the UK’s first ever Pilates teacher!”