Ari Gil discusses the connection between Alexander’s Principles and the Martial Arts
“One evening, I was watching Tai-Chi Master Ma Yueh-liang doing push-hands, the Tai-Chi form of sparring with an opponent, on You-Tube. Master Ma was ninety-three years old then. Within a minute of circling with his opponent, Master Ma gently gestured with his hand, and the opponent was thrown five or six feet away. It was all done with no effort on his part; throughout the whole practice, Master Ma did not even move his feet. At ninety-three, Master Ma was a living example of the Tai-Chi principle of combining “Yi” (direction/intention) with “Chi” (breath) to create the most formidable energy. 

A few days later, I read Ted Dimon’s article, “Alexander Technique and the Fundamentals of Self Knowledge” (issue #74, summer 2007). According to Dimon, the problem of awareness in action was not solved by a spiritual teacher or as part of a religious tradition, but by F. M. Alexander. Thinking about Dimon’s thesis and Ma Yueh-liang’s martial arts skill, I was prompted to write this article.” Read the full article …